Thursday, October 9, 2014

Japanese Indigo - 2014

Here is my Japanese Indigo, at the end of the season.  Most of leaves have been harvested and used for dye.  The seed is now set and ready to harvest. 
Because of a busy schedule, I had only one opportunity to dye with my indigo leaves this year.  I immersed two silk sarongs and one skein of wool yarn into the dye bath.  A few hazelnuts were tied into each of the sarongs, which resulted in some interesting patterning.  A click on the picture will give you a close-up view.  I was surprised to see that the nuts added a purplish tint to the design, but I am pleased with it.

For more information on Japanese Indigo, and to see results from other dye baths, please check out the links on the right for Japanese Indigo of previous years.

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